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Hi, I'm Asmr yogi ur asmr barber. Welcome to my channel “ASMR MASSAGE Therapy”This is Asmr, Sensational Sleep Pill For Your Anxiety n Insomnia Inc. asmr head massage, asmr ear massage ..

I continue to create high quality asmr for your anxiety n insomnia. The sleep is really important for us. Thats why I am really happy to be able to help you with your sleep.
Most of the viewers shares the opinion that asmr therapy is really effective for our sleep and because of this I will continue, as a barber, to give you the best sleep pill.
Not everyone has anxiety or insomnia. Some of the viewers just likes the tingles and triggers they get from watching asmr and barber asmr massage.

So this time my friend Sonu is getting asmr sensational sleep pill head massage by asmr Yogi.

Q -1: Which part of the massage gives you the most tingles and triggers?
Q - 2: Do you share the opinion that asmr is a good therapy for your sleep?

Hope you like this Massage.

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